Healthcare Exchange Sign-up Update

Posted on November 19, 2013


It’s been two weeks since my last update on my client’s trials and tribulations in attempting to submit an application on the Federal healthcare exchange.  I can report there has been no change–we continue to be unable to submit the application.

The scenario has been fairly consistent over the past two weeks.  At least every other day we log in and our application continues to be shown as “In progress,” which means “incomplete.”  We then step through approximately 50 steps to confirm names, addresses, relationships, etc. that have been previously entered.  The systems remembers most, but not all, of the information we previously entered.  We then reach the last step in which my client has to electronically sign the application.  We receive the message below that states, “our verification system is temporarily unavailable.”

screen shot 11-19When we hit “SAVE AND RETURN LATER” we return to the first screen that shows the application is “In progress.”

So, no progress in the past two weeks.  Stay tuned.