Healthcare Exchange Sign-up Update — Still Waiting…

Posted on November 1, 2013


Last week I described being teased by the Federal healthcare exchange web site–a client and I thought we had submitted an application to get him a health insurance quote, only to discover the next day that the application was still “In progress” (translation: incomplete) for reasons unknown.  Since then, we’ve tried repeatedly to log back in, complete, and submit the application.  Last week and on Tuesday morning, after working through dozens of pages that we had previously addressed–the good news was that at least the system had saved all our answers–we received an error message that the “Verification system” was down for 24 hours.  Here is a screen shot of the error message:

Screen Shot 1

On Wednesday, we were totally unable to even login to the site.  Here is a screen shot when we attempt to login:

Screen Shot 2

It’s now Friday afternoon and we’re back to getting the “Verification system temporarily unavailable” error we received earlier the week.

So it’s been over 10 days since we first attempted to submit an application and we seem to be no closer to doing so today than 10 days ago.  Stay tuned…